trucking liability insurance

Trucking Liability Insurance: Safeguard Your Fleet with Comprehensive Coverage

Explore peace of mind on the open road with Trucking Liability Insurance. As a crucial safeguard for your fleet, this comprehensive coverage ensures protection against unforeseen challenges. In the fast-paced world of transportation, having the right trucking liability insurance is not just a choice but a necessity. Learn how this coverage can keep your operations secure and your journey smooth.

General liability covers common trucking risks.

Running a small trucking company comes with risks, like any other business. Besides the challenges of truck operations, there’s always the chance of accidents or injuries to customers and damage to their property. That’s where trucking liability insurance comes in. This particular coverage takes care of common accidents, keeping your business safe. Let’s break it down in simpler terms.

This insurance policy has your back when it comes to:

Customer Injuries:

If a customer gets hurt, this coverage helps handle the costs.

Customer Property Damage:

Accidents happen; if customer property is damaged, the policy steps in.

Copyright Infringement and Advertising Injuries:

It’s not just about physical harm; the policy covers legal aspects like copyright issues and advertising injuries.

Combine policies to cut costs and boost protection.

If you have a small office or property for your trucking company, here’s a brilliant idea: bundle your trucking liability insurance with commercial property insurance. It’s like a combo deal called a business owner’s policy (BOP). Going for a BOP is usually cheaper than buying each insurance separately. So, if your trucking business qualifies for a BOP, you are in for some savings.

  •  Employ fewer than 100 people
  •  Own a small property
  •  Earn an annual revenue of under $1 million.
  •  Operate in a low-risk industry
  •  Require less than 12 months of business interruption insurance

Connect with a licensed Insureon agent specializing in the trucking industry to determine your business eligibility.

General liability provided for trucking companies

Customer injuries

If someone, like a customer or delivery person, slips and falls at your warehouse, you might be held responsible for their injury. If they decide to sue, you could end up paying their medical bills and hiring a lawyer. That’s where trucking liability insurance comes to the rescue. It helps cover the costs, ensuring you are protected in case of accidents and legal issues. Secure the protection you require for tranquility.

  •  Covering medical costs
  •  Handling attorney’s fees
  •  Settling court-ordered judgments
  •  Assisting with funeral expenses in fatal incidents

Remember, this policy doesn’t include employee injuries. For that, you will want workers’ compensation insurance.

Customer property damage

In trucking, even a tiny mistake can cost a lot. That’s where trucking liability insurance steps in to save the day. Imagine this: a trucker makes a slip, and heavy boxes crash, breaking some shelves at a client’s place. Instead of stressing about the cost, your trucking liability insurance could help cover the bill for replacing those shelves. It’s like having a safety net for those unexpected slip-ups.

Copyright infringement and other advertising injuries

When you are out there promoting your trucking business, you can face advertising injury lawsuits. It happens, even accidentally, like unknowingly using a competitor’s logo. General liability insurance has your back. It covers you for accidental advertising injuries, like defamation (both written and spoken) and copyright infringement. So you can focus on promoting your business without worrying about legal troubles.

trucking liability insurance

Top trucking businesses we insure

  • Freight brokers and forwarders
  • Owner-operators
  • Tow trucks

Other vital policies for trucking firms

While general liability insurance is crucial for a trucking company, it does not protect against every risk. It’s wise also to explore:

Alongside trucking insurance, consider other crucial coverages.

Trucking Liability Insurance: Workers’ Compensation Insurance:

This is a must if you have employees. It takes care of medical costs when they get hurt at work. It’s worth considering even if you are a sole proprietor since personal health insurance may not cover work-related injuries.

Trucking Liability Insurance: Commercial Auto Insurance:

This one is crucial for accidents involving your company’s trucks. It covers medical bills and legal defense costs. Most states require it for business-owned vehicles.

Trucking Liability Insurance: Additional Coverages:

Trucking firms often get marine cargo insurance, which protects the property they are responsible for during transit during transit. There’s also trailer interchange coverage, helping with damage to a trailer not owned by the truck driver.

So, along with trucking insurance, ensure you are covered on all fronts.


Trucking liability insurance provides comprehensive coverage, including protection against customer injuries, property damage, and legal issues related to advertising injuries. It safeguards your business from the common risks in the trucking industry.

Bundling trucking insurance with commercial property insurance in a business owner’s policy (BOP) can save you money and enhance security. This combo deal is often more cost-effective than purchasing each insurance separately, providing added value for your business.

While trucking liability insurance is crucial, it doesn’t cover every risk. Consider exploring additional coverages like workers’ compensation insurance for employee injuries, commercial auto insurance for accidents involving your trucks, and other policies like marine cargo insurance and trailer interchange coverage for comprehensive protection.

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