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Horse Liability Insurance: Protect Your Equine Investment with Comprehensive Coverage

You have always had a thing for horses, and now you are super pumped because you have finally decided to get the horse of your dreams. Before you go all-in and bid on or buy your four-legged friend, you need to wrap your head around some stuff. It’s way better to do all your thinking and planning upfront. When making this significant investment in your horse, you must consider protecting that investment. Enter the superhero of the day, horse liability insurance.

That’s the key to ensuring your newfound equine buddy is covered, and you can enjoy your horsey adventures stress-free. But here’s the scoop on insurance for your horse. It’s not just a one-size-fits-all kind of thing. There are many things to consider, and you want to ensure you have all your bases covered. So, let’s break it down and ensure you and your horse are ready for whatever comes your way.

Have you ever considered:

  • Providing a place for your horse to stay.
  •  Addressing your horse’s health requirements.
  •  Figuring out how to transport your horse.
  •  Understanding the potential liability if your horse causes injury or property damage.
  •  Ensuring coverage for the purchase cost of your horse.

Farm Insurance

So, where you keep your horse can affect what kind of insurance you need. Whether you have your barn or if your horse is staying at someone else’s farm, it’s essential to understand your horse insurance needs.

If you own stables where your horse stays, your barn is covered under your horse farm insurance. This coverage usually covers all your building stuff, like structures and what’s inside them, including your horse gear.

Now, if your horse is boarding at someone else’s farm, you have got to make sure they are on top of the insurance game. Ask them if their farm insurance covers horse boarding and check if they have care, custody, and control coverage. It’s a smart move to keep everyone and every horse protected.

Horse Liability Insurance: Equestrian

Like you have life insurance to cover yourself, your horse needs insurance, too. Just like people, horses can get sick or hurt, but they don’t have the same health perks we do.

When your horse faces an injury or illness, a visit to the vet can cost a lot of money. And if things take a tricky turn and your horse passes away, you want to be sure you will get reimbursed. Horse liability insurance ensures your horse is protected in all situations.

Horse insurance provides various coverages, including:

Full Mortality Coverage: This protects your horse from loss due to accidents, illness, injuries, or natural causes.

Theft Protection: Keeps you covered in case your horse is stolen.

Liability Coverage: Covers lawsuits for injury or property damage, including defense costs.

Veterinarian Reimbursement: Helps with costs related to your horse’s death, as covered by the insurance.

Medical and Surgical Costs: Takes care of expenses linked to accidents, illness, injuries, or diseases.

Disability Coverage: Offers protection if your horse becomes disabled.

Tack and Equipment: Covers the value of your horse gear.

Stallion Infertility: Provides coverage for stallion infertility issues.

Horse Liability Insurance: Transportation Coverage

If you are moving your horse to its new home alone, you will need a trailer. Your horse trailer needs insurance, too.

horse liability insurance

With Equestrian, Powered by NFP, you can get insurance for your new horse trailer as part of your Equestrian plan policy. This policy covers your trailer for collisions, accidents, and specific dangers such as fire, theft, and windstorms. And here’s the cool part: once your trailer is hitched to your truck, the insurance coverage stretches from the car to the trailer, keeping everything protected. 

We have got more options for you. Depending on your trailer type and use, we can set you up with separate insurance or a combo deal covering your truck and trailer. These unique plans come with:

Liability and Comprehensive Coverage: We have covered you for accidents and all mishaps.

Protection from Vandalism, Theft, and Other Damage: Keep your trailer safe from unexpected troubles.

Coverage for Your Tack and Equipment: We also protect your gear if you add it to your Henry Equestrian policy.

Cash Value or Full Replacement Options: Choose what works best for you.

High Limits of Coverage: We have got your back with solid coverage limits.

Horse Liability Insurance: Liability and Injuries

Owning a horse means more than looking out for your horse’s health. It would help to consider the health of people who hang around your horse and possible damage to others. And here’s the deal: if something goes wrong and a lawsuit comes knocking, you want to be prepared. That’s where horse liability insurance steps in, ensuring you are covered in unexpected situations. So, worry less and enjoy your time with your horse, knowing you have the proper protection.

Even if you are not a horse expert, you get that horses can be a bit unpredictable sometimes. Ensure you have the right insurance to shield yourself from any financial troubles tied to a lawsuit or claim.

Our horse liability insurance has your back, covering up to $2 million in liability. So, no matter what surprises your horse throws your way, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing you are financially protected.


Horse liability insurance covers various situations, including injury or property damage caused by your horse, theft protection, veterinary expenses for your horse’s death, and medical and surgical costs.

Yes, it’s a good idea to insure your horse trailer. Equestrian, powered by NFP, offers insurance for your horse trailer as part of your Equestrian plan policy, covering collisions, accidents, theft, and other specific perils. The coverage extends from your truck to the trailer when hitched.

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